2016 Beard and Mustache Styles for Men

In talk about men’s fashion, beard and mustache styles are one of the hot topics. In recent modern era, growing facial hair become a trend which followed by million people around the world. As the year has changed, what’s going to be the next facial hair styles trends in 2016?

Short Beard and Mustache

Don’t want to have a long beard and mustache like Dumbledore in Harry Potter? So, you can go for a short one. Short facial hair will never out of trend and it always become the most choices for men. If you are an employee in a company, your boss will not also scold you if you have this kind of facial hair style.

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The other advantages of having it short are less grooming and other maintenance. You only need a simple trimming and shaving to clean up the shape. You can also match your beard style with any kind of hairstyles and outfit. So, don’t worry to pick up your appearance in any occasion.


Stubble is a beard and mustache style with very short facial hair. If you don’t want to have a quite longer beard, stubble will help to sharpen you softer face. It’ll help to give character and definition to your face shape, especially people with fuller face, without need to grow out it longer. You can look on George Clooney and Tom Ford to know how the style looks.

To get this style, you need to grow you facial hair until it gets itchy. Note if it’s uneven or not where the hair begins and ends. Decide where you want to keep the stubble following your face bone structure. Use a razor to shape your cheek lines and trimmer to clean it up.

Shorter Long Beard

Having long beard requires a full confidence of you and also whether you will look good or not. Long beard will also need more maintenance and time to grow. Some people might think that this kind of style will looks ridiculous or scary. But, when it’s well maintained, it’ll become a new trend in 2016.

If you can handle all the reasons, you can now turn your new style with this shorter long beard. You’ll need a few months until the beard fully grows to the required length. Comb the hair daily to tidying it up. Use scissors and trim to take out the wild hairs which show between your comb teeth. Wash your beard with shampoo, use moisturizing conditioner and beard oil or balm to keep the hair nourished and healthier.

Most of women think that men with beard are sexier and hotter. That’s why men always looking for a new beard and mustache styles to update their face looks. Have you decided?

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