Beard Clippers, Easy Steps to Pick and Use

There are various kind of beard clippers available in the market. Therefore, you have to carefully choose the right trimmer and use it right. There are several steps to guide you.

Pick the right beard clippers

To get the perfect clipper or trimmer there are several things you have to observe:

  • The length setting

Observe the trimmer you are going to buy. Make sure it has several length settings. It will help you adjust the length of the clipper, especially for you who grow long beard or for you who like to style the beard with different length for every part of the beard.

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  • Pick the one that is easy to clean

Some trimmers come with vacuum cleaner to help you cleaning the trimmer. It can be a great choice. You don’t have to always choose the trimmer with vacuum cleaner that costs you more. At least, you need to consider the design of the trimmer. Pick beard clippers that are designed with special designs which is easy to be detached.

  • Pick the waterproof trimmer

Most people shave their beard in the toilet. It means, there is a big chance for the trimmer to get wet. Though it might cots you a little bit more, buying the waterproof trimmer can be a great decision for long term use.

Clip the beard right

After choosing the right trimmer, you have to start trimming your beard right. The very first step to trim the beard is to decide the length of the beard. For you who would like to have fuller and nice beard with shade, you have to set the trimmer three guard setting. To create different shade, you just have to adjust the setting. While for you who want to have short and clean beard, like the five o’clock shadow beard, you don’t have to use the powerful trimmer. Just use a razor for the best result.

Then, before you start shaving, it is always suggested for you to apply some oil clipper to the trimmer. Turn on the trimmer for about 20 second to make sure the oil clipper applied well before trimming. It will prevent your skin to get irritated. At last, shave your beard against the grain. The beard will grow out and down. You have to shave it from the bottom to the upper part against the grain to make you easier to trim it with your beard clippers.

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