Best Beard Styles Which Never Out of Trend

Intentionally or unintentionally, people will firstly judge others by the cover. Judging a man’s manliness can be seen from his physical traits including his beard. That’s why, most of men taking more attention for their beard styles. Beard styles for men will never out of trend. Here, we give you the best beard styles you can follow for your 2016 inspiration.

  1. Smart Business Beard

Men with clean look beard who can earn lots of money? Which women don’t get attracted? Yup, who say that beard doesn’t look hot for business man? You can’t deny how men with suit look sexier if they grow beard. A smart business beard style emphasizes on the clean shaped beard to complement your professional looks. Use razor to clean up your neck hair and uneven facial hair on your upper checks.

  1. Shadow Beard

Shadow beard concept is how to create an illusion like you are just waking up without shaving but you look even cooler. Unlike the concept, keeping shadow beard is taking more efforts. You need to trim it daily using the lowest settings on the beard trimmer, then slightly nicked off with razor the hairs below your Adam apple and above your cheek line. Make sure you keep the natural effect of the shadow.

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Keep the looks with good hairstyle and nice dress, so you won’t end up like just waking up for real. You can see the example from 5 o’clock shadow beard of John Legend. Look how the shadow beard can sharpen his soft face.

  1. Tight Beard

Tight beard can help to give your face more definition and character. That’s why it’s always chosen as one of the best beard styles. To get the good tight beard, you need to keep the hair shorter while shape your facial hair lines tighter. You can see the sample from the new beard style of rapper Drake. He stole public attention with his tight beard.

  1. Bun and Beard

Who says that bun only belong to women? You’ll realize that men with bun added with beard will completely looking sexier. In the past period, the percentage of women who hate looking at men with bun was high. But now, those negative feelings have been decreasing due to the change views of men’s beauty. Men with bun and beard now become the new model of ideal masculinity.

Have you decide which one of best beard styles will be your 2016 inspiration?

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