The Best Man Beard Styles

Man is always identical with beard and actually familiar with man beard styles. Beard is hair in man face, especially grow in the chin. Every man has different passion in choosing the beard style. There are men who want to grow the beard, but also there are men who won’t to grow the beard. In the fact, beard can make a man become masculine, more handsome and charismatic. Besides that, there are so much reason why a man should grow the beard in their chin. Here, will be explained the reason and the best beard style for man according to their face shape.

The Reason Why a Man Should Grow His Beard

Nowadays, there is so much survey has been done by many instances, including the reason about why a man should grow their beard. Some research showed that woman are prefer to like a man who has beard because the followings reason;

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  • a man who grow his beard is commonly has good style in wearing clothes
  • He will looks like a mysterious and smart man
  • Beard makes a man become more charismatic, masculine and cool
  • Beard makes a man is like a good father
  • Beard makes a man looks like an adult and so strong

The Best Beard Style for Men

After knowing the reason, you will be boosted to have beard in your chin. The followings are the recommendation man beard styles for you; fit them with your face shape.

  1. The Long Narrow Face

Try to keep a minimum hair in your chin to make your face a bit shorter. Keep the shorter hair to make your face looks a bit fuller.

  1. The Round Face

Avoid having full beard look because it makes your face more round. Try to have goatee style and combine it with mustache to narrow your face and makes your face slightly longer.

  1. Square Face

Because you have a strong jaw line, you should try to choose all beard which is clipped close the face to make your face more round.

  1. Short Face, Pointed Chin

Try to have full beard style to make your chin become more round. Make sure that the beard is rounded at the bottom of your chin, not pointed.

  1. Pointed Chin, Longer Face

A goatee style is fit with this shape. It will make your chin more round and make your face narrower.

  1. Rectangular Face

You can try a short box beard to soften your jaw line.

Those are the reason and some tips for you about the best style of beard according to your face shape. You can choose the best one of the man beard styles.

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