The Best New York Fashion Design Schools

New York City has three best fashion design schools to attend and learn best about fashion design. As the capital of world fashion, this city has the fashion design schools in great reputation. The students can learn much more about sewing courses and pattern making in those schools. Besides, the students will also learn about the history of fashion, broad their ideas to make great impacts to fashion in the future, and learn much more through their experiences. Fabric types, textiles, and also patterns are also the part of the subjects to learn. Here are The Best New York Fashion Design Schools with great reputation:

Parsons the New School of Design 

Parsons the New School of Design becomes one of the best New York fashion design schools because of their focus to all design realms. The fashion school also belongs to the oldest institutions in the United States that offer graduate and undergraduate degrees. Students will learn much about industry knowledge, and they are also encouraged to make great ideas about bearable fashion solutions as well as making innovative designs for clothing and other products.

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Alternatively, Parsons also provide fashion photography and sustainability courses. As a great school of fashion, Parsons has launched the fashion careers of the legendary Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Donna Karan. Besides, some great talents were also born from this school including Proenza Schouler, Vena Cava, and Behnaz Sarafpour.

Parsons the New School for Design is located in 560 Fashion Avenue, New York, NY 10018. You can contact the school in phone number;212-229-5391 or through the website at

Pratt Institute School of Art and Design

As one of the best fashion design schools, Pratt Institute provides demanding fashion design programs and educations. After completing their study in the School of Art and Design, the undergraduate students do not only have the ability in fashion design but also in other subjects including interior design, jewelry making and also photography.

Additionally, the students will also learn about sketching, textiles, clothing making, pattern draping and making, while studying the important fashion history, practical applications and also design principles. In every spring, Pratt Institutes holds Pratt Show that exhibits students’ works in kinds of fields, especially fashions. It becomes great opportunity for the students to explore their capability in creating works.

Pratt Institute is located in 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205. You can contact the school in 718-636-3600 or through the website at

Fashion Institute of Technology

This fashion school is the part of the system of the State University of New York. As one of the best fashion design schools in New York, this school provides both graduate and professional degrees in kinds of fields such as fashion design and merchandising including textile development, jewelry design and also menswear. Besides, the school also offer extensive courses about design world, and they can learn much more from the experiences they have in any favorite fields from the first year of school.

Fashion Institute of Technology is a state school, so the residents of New York can get an education at in-state rate. The school is also welcoming students from outside New York. This fashion school is located on Seventh Avenue at 27th Street, New York, NY 10001. You can contact the school at phone number 212-217-7999 or via its website at

By knowing those three best fashion design schools in New York above, now you can register to be one of their students. Know more about their programs and see whether they provide your favorite programs in fashion design. Becoming one of the students in the best New York fashion design schools will make you getting best educations and great experiences. So you can have great capability to start your success in fashion design world in the future.

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