The Best Razor For Shaving

Among men’s personal care, razor is on the top list thing should have. Whether for men with bread or with no bread, razor is very important to keep their facial hair on check. That’s why they should carefully choose the best razor for shaving, particularly the safety razor.

Choose the Best Razor for Shaving?

In the past, razor design was unlike the recent razor. It is still a straight razor which should be used carefully by only barber pro. Until 1901, Gillette was introducing the first safety razor. This 20th century innovation has brought a change for men’s world in a way of more safety and comfortable shaving routines. Since the innovation broke, the best razor for shaving should be a safety razor that recently uses double edged system.

There are two factors you should consider before buying your safety razor, including:

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1. Look at the size of the handle and overall weight

A well-designed razor shouldn’t be too heavy in the top or the handle. It should feel comfortable and off-balance in your hand, so you can hold and maneuver it easily around your face. This kind of razor will help you to get more proper cutting angle because your free hand movement. A too heavy razor will make you to unknowingly give too much pressure on your skin due to the weight of razor. Too light razor isn’t better also. Your hand tends to apply too much pressure naturally that will probably cut your skin too. So, the overall weight should be balance.

2. Ensure it has equal blade exposure

Check on both sides of the cutting head, the best safety razor should have an even and consistent gap between the blade and safety bar. Although there are lots of razor’s models out there, buy the gap present should always be equal on both sides. If you check in the market, the inexpensive razors usually have uneven gap. Meanwhile, the quality razors from reputable manufacturers offer quality controls that ensure the symmetrical and even gap according to the standards,

The Recommended Safety Razor

What men’s looking for, of course, which one is the best razor for shaving that they should purchase. So, this is the list:

1. Edwin Jagger DE89

Edwin Jagger DE89 is a 3-piece safety razor. The razor head consist of straight and scalloped closed comb safety bar. The overall razor weight is 70 grams that offering perfect balance and nice handle. The handle itself is flat and smooth. Although it gives some kind of slippery feeling, but there is no later issue. The razor is particularly designed for beginners or wet shaving with no aggressive or mildest shaving experience.

2. Merkur 34C HD

Merkur 34C HD gets mostly better review than Edwin Jagger. It offers great sturdy quality and steady grip for safety razor. For beginners and anyone who has excellent shaving experience, the double-edged Merkur razor gives your safer and better shaving routine.

3. Muhle R89

Muhle R89 is almost similar with Edwin Jagger DE89, especially the razor head design. Although it tends to slightly more expensive, but it offers the same excellent shaving experience.

4. Muhle R41 Open Comb

Rather than for beginners, Muhle R41 Open Comb is designed for experienced wet shavers. This high quality product from German company offers more aggressive shaving experience with semi-open comb razor head. It also gives a very good grip handle.


Other recommended razors include Merkur 39C Slant Razor, Seki Edge Feather AS-D2, Parker 92R Ultra Heavyweight Butterfly Open, and some more.

Face is the most important part of human’s appearance, so it’s with men. Choosing product for facial care like razor carelessly will result in harming your face’s skin. So, wisely check on the safety of best razor for shaving before spends your money on it.

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