Chin Strap Beard Styles, A Bit Outdated yet Still Catchy and Attractive

Chin strap beard styles are facial hair styles that sometimes mistakenly understood. Some men probably assume that mustache belongs to this style but the truth is not. Actually, a chin strap beard style is the facial hair style that starts from one side to the other side of your face through the jaw-line down to the chin and touches your hair. But among the society of men, this style spreads into several types and some are combined with a goatee or mustache. Having certain beard styles on face somewhat increases the self-confidence of a man, and probably it enhances a man’s look.

  • The history of a chin strap beard style

Are you still wondering that a chin strap beard style just created in these recent days or got popular because it is used by some male artists? Well, it looks like you need to read the whole history. This beard style has been existed since a hundred years ago. It had a long journey from Europe, Russia, and lastly Japan. The chin strap beard style was firstly done by Hudson Taylor and also Paul Kruger. Since many male celebrities try to do the facial hair style by adopting this one, the popularity of a chin strap beard increases among teenagers and young adults.

  • Does a chin strap beard style look good on every man?

Now check the shape of your race right in front of the mirror. Do you have an egg like shape face? It is the perfect shape that the chin strap beard style would look good on.

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  • Growing a chin strap beard

Like the other beard styles, a chin strap beard is not easy to grow and maintain. As we know, growing and maintaining a beard style really needs our time and effort. Though it seems to be hard and difficult, it is proven that some men succeed in running their beards. Here are some tips if you are interested to grow a chin strap beard. First, a chin strap beard is not facial hair style standing alone or cut separately.

It runs from one side of your face to the other side and it touches your hair. Second, give a proper time to the beard to grow, let’s say for about a month. Third, to get a fancy chin strap beard, you need to go a professional barber indeed. This is done after your facial hair appears and grows. Four, trim your facial hair starts from the jaw-line to the chin and ends at the other side of face. A mustache can be included somehow to the chin strap beard styles.

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