Fashion Design Schools in Florida that You Want to Explore

Are you wishing to explore your teenage life while studying a study in fashion design schools in Florida? So basically the general information about this kind of school in Florida are many. The data count that there are twelve fashion design schools will meet your interest.

In the fashion design schools, they offer a study of fashion designing, marketing or merchandising. Not all of them offer undergraduate programs. There are also postgraduate degrees.

Current Update of Fashion Industry in Florida

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Nowadays, the fashion industry in Florida has been booming. If you are taking the chances to be one of the fashion design school’s students, it means that you are going to have some parts in the fashion changing trends in Florida, or even broader until abroad.

Fashion Industry Business Starts from the Fashion Design Schools

If you are entering the fashion design schools, it does not mean that you are only going to be fashion designers. You can choose the division related to fashion world, such as:

  1. Fashion Retailers
  2. Fashion Design Companies
  3. Fashion Marketing Firms

All industries need to hire professional fashion alumnae or graduates. It lessens the possibility to make mistakes of fashion techniques. And it means that the companies or industries will have the opportunity to save more money and time so that they can produce fashion products faster and more creative by using those fashion graduates.

In Florida, there are some big employers such as Winston Retail, Jeffrey Lubin Group, LF Stores, and Chanel that will be looking for new graduates from fashion design schools in Florida.

About the salary, you don’t need to worry much because the professional employers will pay you professionally.

So, here the lists of the fashion design schools in Florida:

  • Al Miami International Univ. of Art and Design

In this university, there are three majors which are spread in this small campus with the urban environmental setting. They are fashion merchandising, fashion marketing, and fashion design.

  • American InterContinental University – South Florida

It is located in the Weston where it has a small campus as the place for formal classes. The setting of the campus is a sub-urban environment. The major study in this university is fashion design.

  • Florida State University

This university which is located in Tallahassee has a major in the fashion design study. The view uses urban setting. The university is lucky to have large campus for its students

  • International Academy of Design and Technology – Online

If you are looking for fashion merchandising major? You can apply to join this college. It is located in Tampa with small campus represents the suburban setting.

  • International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando

This college has the same major like the sister in Tampa; its major is in fashion merchandising. The setting of the small campus is suburban as well.

  • International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa

Different from the online college in Tampa, this college has two majors that are fashion merchandising and fashion design.

  • Johnson and Wales University – North Miami

This university is placed in North Miami, FL, with majoring only in fashion merchandising. It uses small campus and suburban setting.

  • Keiser Univ. – Fort Lauderdale

This university is majoring fashion design only. It has a large campus with the urban setting.

  • Miami Dade College

It is another college in Florida that majoring fashion merchandising with the large campus as its offer.

  • Northwood Univ. – Florida

Here is the University which located in West Palm Beach in Florida. The university is majoring in fashion merchandising exhibits in the small campus with an urban setting.

  • Orlando Tech

Try the new living trial in Orlando, Florida. Here, there is Orlando Tech which majors in fashion design. The campus is small, but the setting uses urban environment.

  • The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

This university majors in 2 studies in fashion design and merchandising. It uses small campus but conducting in an urban setting.

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