Find Out Beard Types Styles Match Your Face Shape

Beard types styles are many. Some types or styles may not look good on you and some may. You have to look your face shape and match it with beard. So the beard could enhance the quality of your face. Here is the guidance to match beard types with face shape:

  1. For square face with square chin and strong jaw line, the best beard types to soften the jaw line are the beard that clipped closed the face. Scruffy beard, goatees will enhance your jaw line. Whatever to enhance or to soften the jaw line, choose your preference that you think suits you the best.
  2. For round face it is not good to have full beard. It will make your face looks rounder. Goatees and moustache suits you because it will help to narrow your face and look more oval.
  3. For triangular face with pointed chin, narrow forehead and short face is best to have full beard trim closed to your face, but around your chin is best to make it round the bottom of your chin so your chin look less pointed.
  4. For face with pointed chin and long face, full beard is not fit with this shape of face. Beard types styles that compatible are goatees and van dyke. Van dyke will help narrowing the face and give the chin rounded looks.
  5. For rectangular face, the goal of beard is narrowing the face and shortening the jaw line. They look good with chin curtain to square the jaw line, and moustache to narrow the face.
  6. For diamond face, the cheekbones are the widest on the face with narrow forehead and jaw line. They look good with full beard to narrow the cheekbones and cover the chin. Goatees could make your chin look broader while cover it.
  7. Heart face, pointed chin and wide forehead and cheekbones. It is best to choose the style that covers the chin like full beard.

It is only guidance but it is not forbidden for you to experiment with another beard types styles. Until you find what types or styles that suit your character. It is one of the fun with beard styling that you could shave it the styles that you do not like and begin again. At least you could wait another week to try new style with your week stubble though it is only rough idea.

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