How to Have Beard and Goatee Styles

One of beard styles usually used by man is beard and goatee styles. This style actually simple and make a man become so masculine and cool. But, you must remember that every style should be compatible with the face shape. Don’t worry about it, because goatee beard style has many variety of style and can be used and modified by yourself. You can modify it until you have the best goatee beard style and look so handsome with it. So, how to shave your beard and forming the goatee beard style? Here, you will find some tips and tricks to have the best goatee style.

How to Form Beard and Goatee Styles

Goatee is a style of man beard which combine beard of man’s chin and his mustache. To form this style, you can follow these steps;

  1. You must allow the hair to grow in bottom of your chin.
  2. You must avoid to cut the hair or the other beard until you get the thick beard in the bottom of your chin, about a half-inch
  3. After that, you can shave the hair and fit it with your dimple. Make sure that the goatee commonly has the same width with your mouth.
  4. Make sure that you shave it symmetry. Look it more and more, to make sure that your goatee beard is good.
  5. Determine what the type of goatee style you will choose. You can let the beard full your chin or not.

The Types of Goatee Beard Style

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When you want to have the good goatee beard style, you may find confused when choosing the best style. Here, some types of goatee beard style you can try;

  • A Small and Round Face

You can try to shave the cheek’s hair and allow the beard grow in the bottom of your chin, combine it with your mustache.

  • Long Face with a wide forehead

You can shave the hair of your cheek and grow the beard in your chin, but don’t combine it with the moustache.

  • Small thin face

Just grow small beard in your chin, combine it with thin moustache

  • Oval Face

Grow the hair on your cheek; combine it with thick beard in your chin and also thick moustache.

  • Square Face

Shave the hair in your cheek, form the thin beard and thin moustache.

Those are some tips and trick about goatee beard style. The point is, don’t be afraid to do experiment to find the most suitable bride and goatee styles for your face.


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