How to Make Awesome Beard Styles?

It is not every man could make beard as appeal as they wanted. Beard could make some men look manly and rugged, and for some men look wild and untidy like they were from isolated island somewhere. Here are the tips to make awesome beard styles:

  1. To make a beard you have to patience because it is not 1 or 2 days for growing bread. It takes months for beard growing. Put your razor away and let your facial hair grow naturally. In the first days you might feel itchy but do not worry it will pass shortly. You could apply beard oil to moisture your beard. Clean your stubble beard with natural soap with no chemical in it.
  2. When itch phase is passed, it is time for you to trim your beard especially in neckline, upper cheeks and moustache lip area. In neckline area, do not trim you beard under the chin. Area that connected between neck and head. For moustache, you could trim with scissors than clippers. For cheeks area, see your natural line of cheeks and follow it. Trim the hair that out of the line. This time you beard is longer than stubble so you have to wash your beard everyday and do not forget for applying beard oil too. If you want to wash your beard with beard wash you could do it in 1-3 times a week.
  3. After 2 months is a time for your beard to show your natural beard. Now you could trim your beard into awesome beard styles that you like. You still have to rinse and apply your beard with oil everyday. Trim your beard with scissors to avoid a mistake that you have to shave your whole beard off.
  4. If you feel frustrated because your beard slow in growth you could do this things:
  5. Do not shave your beard. Forget the myth that said shaving the beard will make it grow faster. It’s only myth.
  6. Live freely. Ideal life with scheduled diet, low stress level is not ideal for beard grow faster.
  7. Add some supplement to boost your hair such as Biotin.
  8. Increase your testosterone. You could do that by eating red meat, lifting weight, and avoiding soy products.
  9. People always react badly if they face new change. So you have to talk with your partner or someone that closest to you. Try to make them understand why you want to grow your beard. With their consideration, it’ll make easier for you to grow the beard.

Hope this article could help you make awesome beard styles that you want.

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