How to Style a Beard to Suit Your Face

Beards are back in style and many people seem to follow the style quite diligently. There are many ways on how to style a beard. However, you should not just pick any kind of style that looks cool and try it on yourself since different style with suite different type of face, unless you want to go all out on the Bohemian look. If you are looking for tips on choosing beard style that will suit your place, you have come to the right place. Below are some simple guides to choose beard style based on your face type.

  1. Square Face

If you have a square face which is accentuated by square and angled jaws, you should look for beard styles that will conceal the sharp angle of your jaws. How to style beard for the square face is to keep the beard at the sides and the cheeks shorter and a little bit fuller on the chin. By using this beard style, your face will not look too angled.

  1. Round Face

As for those who have a round face, the best answer on how to a style beard is to grow a long full beard since it can make your face less round and longer. Create a long beard with shaved or trimmed sideburns and the cheek area. You can also have a moustache that meets your goatee right at the edge of your mouth to make your face look even narrower.

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  1. Rectangular Face

People who have rectangular face usually want to conceal the corners of their jaws so that their face does not look to sharp. The best beard style for those who have rectangular face is to keep the bottom side of the beard at the chin area shorter and the beard at the sides longer. The chin curtain style or a short box beard will be very suitable beard styles for rectangular faces.

  1. Oval Face

Oval shaped face is considered as the most ideal shape to have since all parts are proportional. The answer on how to style a beard for people who have oval face will be very board since almost all beard styles will be suitable for oval face. You can go with the full long beards if you want or follow the trend of many male celebrities by having trimmed goatee with moustache. The Van Dyke style will also be perfect for those who have oval face.

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