How to Trim a Goatee?

A goatee is one of the most popular beard styles nowadays and many people are looking for ways on how to trim a goatee. For those who want to start growing cool looking beard, the goatee look can be the one you can try out first wince making it is one of the easiest beard style to manage and maintain. There are several types of goatee that you can to try though. The traditional goatee is a simple beard style with a simple hair under the chin. There is also the Van Dyke style where the beard is accompanied by a disconnected moustache. There is also the circle beard where the goatee is connected to the moustache. Here is how to trim goatee.

  1. Stop Shaving for Some Times

How to trim goatee started with a fuller beard first where you have to stop shaving for some times. Most people need a week in order for them you have a full beard with the necessary length to create a goatee. Grow your beard until it approximately reaches 2 inch or 5 centimeters long to make a goatee.

  1. Create a Circle Beard

The next step in how to a trim goatee is to create a circle beard. Shave off the hair on your cheeks, side burns, the lower and the sides of your neck. Stop shaving the neck area up to the point where your Adam’s apple is located. After that, rinses off your face t get rid of any excess or loose hair on your face.

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  1. Shape Your Goatee

The next step on how to trim goatee is to shape it up to your taste. For those who want the traditional goatee look, shave off the moustache and the hair on your neck so that what’s left is the hair right under your chin. For the Van Dyke style, shave off the hair on the neck area and then cut the beard so that your moustache and beard will be disconnected. Nowadays, people prefer to have the modern look and keep the moustache and beard attached. The length and thickness of the beards and moustache are all adjusted to your taste even though many people keep it short so that they are still appropriate to go to work in. Once done styling your goatee rinse your face and run your hand on the shaved area. Smoothen any rough patch you find there and your cool goatee look is done.

How to Trim a GoateeHow to Trim Goatee
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