Long Beard Styles & How to Take Care

Do you want to have long beard styles or even already have? Having long beard is surprisingly needed more attention than taking care your long hair. You can’t carelessly let your beard grow without shaping it or you’ll end up looking bad. Get to know the tips how to take care your long beard to look hotter.

Choosing Your Long Beard Styles

There are some reasons why men choosing to grow their beard longer. Because if you take care it out well, then you’ll turn up more good looking. But remember one thing, from simple long beard styles to the extreme one, it’s all about your confidence and efforts.

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You can see the sample of men with long beard such as Jared Leto, he combines his long beard with long hair. Van Dyke also grows his beard longer only on his chin which looks very nice. Or go for extreme long beard like a football player, Brett Keisel.

Shaping Your Long Beard

Instead of spending money on barber, you can shape your long beard daily by:

  1. Start with combing your beard following the way hair grows neatly.
  2. You will see some wild hairs sticking out and won’t lie down though you comb it. Use scissors to snip it off.
  3. Comb the beard below your ear. Comb a small portion of hair and see if there are small amounts of hair show through the comb’s teeth.
  4. Use trimmer or scissors to cut off the showing hair through the comb’s teeth.
  5. Continue this process to the center of your beard.
  6. Repeat the process to the whole part of your beard.
  7. After you are complete trimming, comb once again to throw out the remained stray hairs.

Take Care Your Long Beard

Like taking care your long hair, you long beard will also need special attention other than shaping and combing it, including:

  1. The longer your beard, the skin and the hair will be drier. So after shampooing or washing the beard, use strong moisturizing conditioner to make the hair healthier for every 3 to 5 days.
  2. Use also beard oil or balm to make your facial hair and the skin under it keep nourished.
  3. When washing your hair, avoid using face scrub. Because the particles will end up caught into your beard. You won’t spend your time only to taking it out, right?

Having good looking long beard styles will force you do more special actions. Follow the tips above, so you can turn out sexier with your long beard.

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