How to Maintain Stubble Beard Styles

Stubble beard styles maybe one of the most popular beard styles. Indeed, it is the beard style that is relatively easy to fit oval to even square face. Are you thinking about shaving your beard into stubble style? It means you also have to learn how to maintain this beard style.

Grow it and shape it well

To get perfect stubble styles, the first thing you have to do is to grow the beard that goes well with the style. To grow the beard, you first have to shave the whole facial hair perfectly. It will help your facial hair evenly in every part of your face. Then, let your facial hair. At least in a week, you will get enough facial hair to be shaped into stubble style.

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Second, you have to decide which stubble style. Think about Hugh Jackman’ beard. It is called the long stubble. If you want to have the similar beard to Hug Jackman or want to make it shorter into medium stubble, you have to put away your razor and start using the trimmer. Set your trimmer with 3 to 4 power setting to trim the beard. You can reset the trimmer if you want short stubble style.

Don’t worry about the patchy hair around your cheek. You can use a razor to clean the edge of your beard. You can also adjust the length of your mustache. Make sure your mustache goes with your stubble beard styles. At last, shave and create your neckline. Shave, the hair on your neck, to create a perfect neckline and stubble style.

Maintain the beard

After you get the perfect stubble beard, then you have to start maintaining the beard. This beard style is required everyday maintenance. To keep the beard in perfect shape, you have to shave the edge of the beard every day, especially for you who have more facial hair. Besides the edge if the beard, you also have to pay attention to the neckline. You also have to shave the area around your neck to keep the beard shaped perfectly.

To keep your stubble style in the perfect length as you want, you also have to trim it regularly. The long stubble needs less trimming treatment. You can trim the beard with a clipper every two days. But, if you would like to have short stubble beard, you might have to trim the beard every day or every other day. The short beard grows faster than the longer one. Always store some clipper oil to be applied to your trimmer. It is very important to maintain your stubble beard styles.

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