How to Make Van Dyke Beard Styles

The Van Dyke beard styles is one of the most popular beard styles that many men in the whole world want to have nowadays. The beard style is inspired by the seventeenth Flemish Painter, Anthony Dyke, which was known for his regal and religious themed paintings. This classic looking beard style gets more and more popular since many male celebrities wear it on many occasions. To put it simply, the Van Dyke style is a combination of a goatee as well as a classic looking moustache. Here is how to make the Van Dyke beard style.

  1. Stop Shaving for about a Week

When you are trying to grow Van Dyke beard styles, you should start with a clean shaven face first before stop shaving your beard for about a week. This is the average time for people to grow beard thick enough to make a decent Van Dyke beard. You need to have beard about a quarter inch long to be able to create this style.

  1. Make Circle Beard

One your beard reach the required length, you can start shaping up your beard into the Van Dyke beard styles. Start with making a circle beard first. Shave off all facial hair on your cheeks and sideburns and leave a circle shaped beard on your chin and around your mouth. Leave the hair at the bottom side of your mouth about 2 inches or 5 centimetres. Shave off also the hair from the bottom and the sides of your neck up to the area around your Adam’s apple.

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  1. Create the Van Dyke Style

Now, once you create the circular beard, rinse off your face first to remove any excess hair or shaving cream. After that, create a goatee by carefully trimming the hair from your neck until there is a neat beard, resembling a goatee, on your chin. Next, disconnect your moustache from your beard neatly and then trim your moustache using scissors or electric razor. Make sure that the tips of the moustache are pointed and symmetrical, as well as the tip of the goatee. Finally, wash your face again to get rid of any excess hair and shaving cream you are using, make sure that there is no stray facial hair on your Van Dyke beard styles. If you feel any rough spots around your cheek and chin, smooth them out once again using any kinds of a razor.

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