Modern Beard Styles on World’s Public Figures

Are you currently seeking for modern beard styles? Then you have lots, lots of recommendations to follow by you. Speaking of modern style is like speaking of the very common and obvious thing. If you want to have modern style beard, you may also head your gaze to some successful hot Hollywood stars out there. That is not stopping there though; many football players too can be your guidance.

Adam Levine

Let’s head our gaze and attention to this one man, a vocal leader of Maroon 5. Levine has that modern beard styles with stubby jaw line that can melt every woman’s heart. His beard is contemporary shaped; the thickness along the jaw line is perfect and the moustache around it specially and neatly trimmed. If you want to have beard but not a full beard, then this is a good example. It can suit to oval face.

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Adam Young

It seems like the very theme today is about Adam. Adam Young, the music maker and the only one owner of Owl City, has that beard that can be considered as the full beard style. Back then in 2012, Adam started to grow beard and now in 2016 his beard is no longer exist. Yet, he admits that the bard he has can make him look manly and wild, when in fact, his personality is truly the opposite. According to one source, Young’s beard can be considered as a modern one because they do well to almost all shape of face. The beard Young has is the one that is full in the side of the jaw line and the thickness just perfectly shapes the sharp jaw line and bone structure he has.

David Beckham

This is 2016 and Beckham does still have his amazing and legendary beard. It gives a beard world sign that beard style can last long. It is just a matter of style and confidence. Beckham’s beard is also considered as one of the sexiest. The mustache he has states that he does not have to be afraid to have beard and mustache at the same time. They go along together. The thickness is well trimmed and perfectly shaping his bone structure. If you feel and see in the mirror that you do have Beckham’s oval face, then you can also get along with his beard style.

Seeing it closer, the three public figures above do always treat their beards well. Whether it is thin or even thick or in the middle, they could possibly maintain their modern beard styles well. Are you the next?

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