Nice Beard Styles You Should Try

Nice beard styles can be applied according to your own face shape. It will be much better if you recognize your own face shape first before grow the beard. Why? It will help you to make your appearance looks perfect. You certainly don’t want to get the weird looks or bad appearance. In this occasion, you can find the suitable beard style for your own character and personality. Do you want to know the nice beard styles? Let’s move to the next part!

Captain-Jack Beard Style

The first recommended style for your beard is captain-jack beard style. Commonly, the captain-jack beard style is combined with the mustache. This style can give you the manly looks because the beard and mustache grows along cheeks sides and chin. The captain-jack beard is not thick but it will give you the sexy looks. Yet, you have to shave and trim your beard and mustache routine to avoid the beard growing thickly. Try to apply oil or balm beard to make your beard healthier. Make sure you not forget to make your beard keep clean and good smell. This style is good for men who have long face.

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Professional Beard Style

If you think that captain-jack style is not suitable for you, there is another beard style that is good to be applied. The professional beard style is the recommended ones because it will give you the manly looks like a young entrepreneur. If you want to apply this beard style, you have to keep the hair shorter but give a sharp looks in the line. Don’t forget to shave the hair around your neck routine and create a define line underneath your chin. This beard style is similar with Adam Levine’s beard, that’s why some men follow this style. This style will be good to be applied in the long and wide face.

Hipster Beard Style

The next beard style that is very unique to be applied is hipster beard style. This style can give you the rough and indifferent looks. Hipster beard style means you have to grow hair around neck so you will have the neck beard. Make sure you not forget to shave the hair in upper part of your neck. Commonly, this kind of beard style will be good to be combined with mustache. So, trim the mustache around your mouth neatly. This style will be perfect if it is applied to wide face. So, which nice beard styles that is suitable with your face shape?

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