Straight Razor Shaving Supplies In West Coast

Straight razor shaving supplies are available in West Coast Shaving™ for you who look for the best and comfortable to use straight razor shave. Actually shaving using straight razor is an old time way of shaving. But you do not have to be ashamed or feel like a grandpa when you want to shave using straight razor. Instead, straight razor shaving will give you a man like feeling. Before talking about the supplies of straight razor shaving in West Coast Shaving™, you need to know about the advantages of straight razor shaving.

The Advantages Of Straight Razor Shaving

1.Better shaving

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By using straight razor when you shave, it will give you better shaving. Straight razor shaving will give you smoother face after shave. So, make sure to switch to straight razor shaving.

2.Less Costs

It is a bit expensive when you start to use straight razor for the first time. Because you need to buy all the gears. But after all of the gears have been bought, you do not need to buy anything. You do not have to buy any razor cartridges or razor blades anymore. You just have to give a good stropping for your straight razor. The only one thing you need to buy is cream shaving.

3.Friendly with Environment

Since you do not need any razor cartridges or razor blades when you use straight razor shaving, you do not create waste. It is because you do not throw any razor cartridges or blades when you have done with it. Even though using safety razor decreases this issue, straight razor shaving is one step further. This means that you help in keeping the environment when you use straight razor shaving.

Why Choose West Coast Shaving™?

West Coast Shaving™ was established in 2007, and has been serving over 75.000 customers since then. West Coast Shaving™ is able to give you luxury shaving needs. It is not only has an online store, but it also has their offline store. So that for you who need to check the product first before buying it, you can come to West Coast Shaving™ store. It is open from Sunday to Friday at 9 AM to 4:30 PM. West Coast Shaving™ are located in commercial business area, so that it is more exclusive.

The staff of West Coast Shaving™ are also shavers, so that they do not only give the customers lip service. The staff are able to help you to find the suitable razor and the specific ingredients for you. Or you just can get some advices from the experts or talking about the new products of West Coast Shaving™.

There are many straight razor offered by West Coast Shaving™ for you to shave. There are traditional straight razors, any brands of straight razors, and straight razor sets. There are also replaceable blade straight razors available in West Coast Shaving™. So that you do not have to be worried in finding which straight razor which is suitable with your needs.

For ordering, you can order via online through the website, come to the store of West Coast Shaving™ if you need to check the product first, or you can also order through phone. If you want to change the products you have bought, West Coast Shaving™ is available to do that. Even though in some cases it cannot be done since the products you have bought are already processed or sent to you. You can also cancel the products you have bought and get your money refunded in few days. In conclusion, West Coast Shaving™ is perfect place for you to get straight razor shaving supplies.

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