The Beard Styles for Men Which Make Women Fall in Love

Men with beard can be one of factors which attract women’s attention. Beard can turn a man becomes surprisingly hotter and more good looking. Most of women prefer for beard that stubble, clean shaved, well groomed, nice shaped which soft to touch like the following beard styles for men.

5 o’clock Shadow Beard

Why is it called with 5 o’clock shadow beard? Because this un-full beard is usually showing up in early morning. This beard style will create an illusion like you just wake up without shaving yet still looking good. Although you can naturally get this kind of beard, you still need to use a trimmer to keep the stubble looks. Use a lowest setting on your trimmer and shave your beard 3 times a week. You can see some entertainer such as John Legend, Robert Pattison, Jake Gyllenhaal, and many more, look even sexier with this 5 o’clock shadow beard.

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Full, Medium-Length Beard

One of the actors who never failed to be better looking with beard is George Clooney. Not enough becomes popular actor; director, writer, and producer, Clooney still boost up his popularity as the role model of beard styles for men.

To create a full medium-length beard like George Clooney, you need at least to grow out your beard around 1 cm. Use a razor to shave your facial hair under your chin. Then shave your facial hair on your upper cheeks and create clean lines of your beard. Comb you hair to tidy it up and use trimmer to take out the showing hairs.

Playboy Look Beard

Playboy is never failed to attract women not only by his actions but also the look. You can look at Adam Levine, his scruffy shadow beard will steal every woman’s heart like what a playboy do. You can get this kind of beard style rather easily. The fact, you just need to let your facial hair grow untamed. Let it scruffy, but you still need to do some trim up for every few days. Who can guess that a beard with lack of grooming and maintenance will turn into the styles that women think you look sexier.

All of the beard styles will look good depend on your face shape and your hairstyles. So, get an advice from barber expert which kind of beard will look good on you. Match your beard style, hairstyle, and your dress nicely. So, you can have one of the best beard styles for men which loved by all women.

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