The Popular Beard Styles with Face Match

Having the popular beard styles in your face can be a big deal. But once again, it can do well to some certain faces. But there are bunches of beard style out there that can be good to anyone. After all, it is just a matter of bone structure and liking. Much to someone’s likeness, you can always have any style. But these following paragraphs will show you how important it is to match your face shape with the beard you are going to have. Plus, these are the popular beard styles owned and grown by Hollywood superstar. Check them out!

The Oval Face of Legend

Do you have an oval face? Then you will see the sameness of yours and how the look on John Legend could be. John Legend is one iconic jazz-pop star that has the sexiest beard on the planet. Who doesn’t agree might just exit the building. So, besides the fact that his thick stubble along the jaw line does well on him. The cut just above his Adam’s apple add so much sexiness. Besides, his cutting is very, very clean and smooth. The thickness is just in a perfect portion.

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The Round Face

To be eccentric is a challenge. Do you choose to be one? Then you can choose to have this beard style with dreadlocks. There is nothing more attractive slash eccentric than this style. The braid or the dreadlocks will be going around your round head to the back, and showing the full beard which is pretty long along the jaw line. You probably start to imagine this to be applied on rapper star or such, and you are not wrong to assume that.


Speaking of maintenance of your beard is like speaking of your car. Both are important and if you miss one day to heat them up, to treat them well, the bad and smelly beard and car you will get. Starting from that analogy, let’s just make it simple by saying that ladies love those whose beards are well maintained. It will be less itchy when they kiss you, it will also look better and fresher, making another reason for them to love you.

A regular maintenance is crucial. Keep the most popular beard styles of yours maintained and get them well trimmed. If you are afraid to have a total misery, then you can always have a barber man to do it. Enjoy your popular beard style!

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