These New Beard Styles to Make You Attractive

New beard styles in 2016 are the hair face style that men in the world have expected. It is true that there are many ways to make a man looks handsome and attractive, and keeping the beard slightly longer is one of the ways. It is really common to have a man with short hair in long or short sleeve. But a man with sexy beard? We bet that almost women could not take their eyes of him. In these recent years, bread draws lots of attention from men who want to fix their performance and look. Surely we have known Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Adam Levine with their unique beard styles. How do they look like? They are sexy and really attractive, aren’t they? So it does not rule out the possibility for other men to do such an experience. But like getting the haircut, men also should notice their face and personality to find out a specific beard style that fits with.

  • The heavy stubble for the beard styles in 2016

Have you ever seen male artists like Ryan Gosling and George Clooney? The beard style they use called the heavy stubble. In 2013, a survey was made in Australian that women tended to be attractive and interested with men coming with the heavy stubble of beard style. Though the study was issued in 2015, you cannot say no to this fascinating beard style. Still the heavy stubble is and will be in for 2016 facial hair styles. It is really simple if you want to adapt this style to your face.

  • The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke for the latest beard style really should be taken into men’s consideration. Though it has evolved well from years to years, still it looks like an awkward type of goatee. There is no connection between the chin hair and the mustache. The Van Dyke style also comes with a wide variation styles which are very distinct. This bread style is more popular in French and known as a “French Beard.” Hollywood artists who have used this beard style are Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.

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  • The Tight Beard

For those who do not want to look messy and untidy, the tight beard style is worth to try.  It keeps the symmetrical shape of your face. If you are interested to have this on your face, then arrange the trimmer to brighten up your face with 2-3 millimeter.

These are the latest beard styles in 2016 for men. But still there are lots of choices out there. Make sure that you cat your facial hair based on your whole face, facial bone structure and personality. Why? It is aimed to get the best of you. Do not hesitate to browse on internet for new beard styles in 2016.

These New Beard Styles to Make You AttractiveHugh_Jackman new beard stylesClooney_George New Beard Stylesnew beard style for men Christian Bale
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