Thin Beard Styles, for Nice Beard Look

One of beard styles usually used by men is thin beard. Thin beard styles are very simple and can be used by someone who likes simple style. It is also easier to have thin beard style. Not only easy, this style will bring sexy aura in your face, makes many people adore you. But, sometime you may feel confused to have this style. What you should know about this style? Here, will be explained about it.

A Man with Thin Beard

Thin beard will make a man more handsome and adult. The thin beard styles will reflect cute impression and not block the part of your face. You can still have beard, but every part in your face are not blocked by that beard. To form the thin beard, you can follow these steps;

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  1. Grow the beard and facial hair included mustache about 3 weeks.
  2. Prepare the tools to shave your beard, and if you are doubt to shave it by yourself, you can ask the hairdresser for helping you in shaving your facial hair.
  3. Use the tools carefully, make sure you leave short facial hair in your chin, mustache and cheek
  4. Shave and form the style you want, you can choose it as your need and fit it with your face shape.

Some Thin Beard Style You Can Try

Shaving your facial hair is like doing experiment. You can try every style until you get the best one. Here, some recommendation for you in doing experiments of thin beard style;

  • Goatee Thin Beard Style

This is common beard style and also can be tried in thin beard style. You can choose the goatee beard style that left some facial hair in your face, or just let the hair in your chin, not combine it with mustache and facial hair on your cheek.

  • Chin Strap Thin Beard Style

This style is suitable for you who are master in grooming and shaving your beard. But if you are afraid, you can ask the hairdresser to form this style. Ask them to create thin line at your chick line and connect it with mustache.

  • Scruffy Thin Beard Style

This style is suitable for college students. You can trim your hair cut and blade your beard shortly. The blade will make you can feel your skin of thin beard.

Those are the tips and some recommendation for you. You can choose the best one and feel so handsome and cute after try one of thin beard styles.

Thin Beard Styles, for Nice Beard Lookthin beard styles for menthin beard styles
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