Top 2 Ideas of Crazy Beard Styles

Crazy beard styles will be the hot discussion for today. There are many unique styles of beard you can apply. By applying those beards, you will be able to show your coolness. As we know, beard can make your face look difference. Besides that, it is also used by some Hollywood actors. That’s why it becomes the new trend for today.

Talking about crazy beard styles, actually there are some styles with crazy appearance. You can apply them as your sensational option. So, do you want to know some ideas for this kind of beard? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them. Let’s find out your best reference here!

Skinny Goatee Beard

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The first idea for you is to apply skinny goatee beard. This kind of beard will show bad boy appearance or sense. On this style, you need to apply hair with vertical stripes that will be connected to your clipped mustache and the below part of your beard. You will also add the slightest hint.

This kind of bear will really work well for fuller faces. This kind of face means you have square face with broad forehead, jaw lines, cheek bones, and straight hair. You can apply this style by using hair trimmer. You can trim goatee area first. Then, you can use good blade with best techniques. It will be used to outline your goatee area before shaving your facial hair. You can trim it slowly in order to get perfect result. Last, you have to avoid starting growth on this area.

Smooth Operator

The last type of beard that you can apply is smooth operator. What does this style means? This style will require you to let your hair grows on stripes style. It will create your own personality on the face. Then, you will also add thin mustache. There will be the smooth look as well that you will get.

This kind of beard will work best for the one with oval face. There will be also symmetrical face with curly hair. How to apply it? For you who want to have this beard style, you can take essential hair trimmer. You have to maintain your mustache part as well. Besides that, you have to maintain it daily. Last, you can trim the part below the mouth once in a week. Finally, those are all some ideas of crazy beard styles you can follow.

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