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Best clothing is believed been made by best tailor or designer from one of top fashion design schools. What can we say about this saying? Is it true that only well-graduated designers are the ones who deliver best dresses, gowns, suits, etc.?

What about autodidact designers that some call them as tailors? So, let’s know deeper about the process behind the creator of a clothing.

Fashion Designers VS. Tailors

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Similarity: Both of them use the same tools and the end products are related to garment, dress, and apparel.

Difference: They work in different kinds of jobs.

The Details

➢     Tailors’ work:

  • taking a measurement of the clients
  • stitching the fabric, clothes, and dresses based on the clients’ wishes
  • repairing the clothes
  • customizing the clothes

➢     Fashion Designers’ work:

  • Creating new designs
  • Giving their inspiration, ideas, draw new concepts for the clients
  • Piloting the planning, specific processes, and until the final end products
  • Making a collection of garments
  • Making new wave of fashion trends
  • Making original clothes
  • Making their own label of clothing line

Top Fashion Design Schools

A magazine named CEOWORLD has made top 100 fashion school in 2016. The ranks come from a methodology that evaluates the reputations of the academic, employer, quality of teaching and the last is diversity.

So, instead of listing all the 100 ranks, this one will list up only ten top fashion design schools:

  1. Central Saint Martins in London with the highest score reaches 98.6
  2. London College of Fashion also in London, UK
  3. Parsons School of Design in New York, USA
  4. Kingston University in London, UK
  5. Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium
  6. Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, USA
  7. ESMOD, Paris, France
  8. Istituto Marangoni, Milan, Italy
  9. Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, Japan
  10. Royal College of Art, London

CEOWORLD Magazine has stated that it was not an easy job to choose the rankings. The panels had made high quality standardized categories to make as fair as they can to make the lists went well.

They adds that the rating they had made based on the simple and pragmatic survey. Basically, the CEOWORLD Magazine Fashion School Ranks is planned to help prospective university students to have better direction in their work paths in the future, according to their passion in fashion education field.

Credible Scores Taking the Leads

The scores were collected based on the terms of quality of the staff as the management to gather and educate the students, the academics things such as the syllabuses, topics or materials, and the campuses that inspiring the students to come and study with their best effort to graduate with excellent grades.

Becoming the top fashion design schools in the world will not navigate the future of the campuses or universities to anywhere. That won’t happen unless the staffs and the students work together to build strong paradigm of the universities.

The Last is not The Worst

There is the first rank winner of the top fashion design schools so there is the last rank for such category. However, it does not mean that the following numbers after ten up to one hundred are worse than the ten ranks.

It is great to see that the lists are from many countries around the world. Not only in US and UK, there are fashion design schools from South Africa, New Zealand, Netherlands, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Ukraine, India, Denmark, Canada, Germany, Norway, Italy, Australia, Spain, Israel, Austria, Finland, China, Switzerland and Singapore.

Once again, it is just the annual event for the magazine to make the list of top fashion design schools. All the top fashion design schools are in the heart of the ones who bring the fashion as their passions.

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