Trim the Beard to Professional Beard Styles

Beard is not always identical to wild and rugged man. You could groom your beard into professional beard styles. It is easy to make professional shape as long as you keep it groom and trim along your face shape and you will get professional look. Here are rules by the professional barber to make and keep your professional beard:

  1. In preparing phase, you could brush your beard with wide teeth comb. By doing this, you make your beard neat and tidy.
  2. Find your cheek line and trim your beard along the line. However, there must be some hair that grows outside the line. You could remove it by cartridge razor. If your beard already grows like fur, you may need some help from barber to trim your beard into line that fits your face.
  3. When you trim your sideburn you need a mirror in front of you. Back one step from the mirror and trim your sideburn beard by seeing your mirror. Watch how even your trim in each sideburn. Do not your ear as your level base. Because not every one have even ear.
  4. To neck line area, if you want your neck clean from hair you need help from barber or someone else to make the line. It is almost impossible for you to make symmetrical line by yourself. If you want natural shape but looks sophisticated enough so you had professional beard styles, do this trick. Shorten the guard of your trimmer level by one or two and trim from your Adam apple to two inches under the jaw. Just that area only.
  5. Every time you did trim make sure you rinse your beard. You do not want your hair loose on your shirt or onto your food. It is a disaster.
  6. Rinse and moisture your beard with beard oil everyday. Beard hair is different from hair on the head, you have to wash your beard with beard shampoo. Because it will make your beard softer than hair shampoo.

Professional barber said that man that keep professional beard styles usually have easier when it is time for trimming than the man that only decided the style every time he take hi razor out. You also must consider your face shape and enhance your face quality with beard. Professional beard styles not only beard with neck line clean, you could groom your beard into full beard like some scholar or academic do.

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